Director's Desk

Haryana Institute of Rural Development brought me back to my home state. I am honoured to be a part of this Institute which is regarded as an apex Institute for training and orientation of administrators, elected representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions of the state and rural masses for an overall and comprehensive development and growth of Rural Haryana. Established in 1990, this institute has kept its promise of contributing to a better and evolving rural backdrop of the state. My predecessors paved the path which I am trying to tread with the cooperation of my able and conscientious colleagues. We continue to enjoy the support of our State Government, Governing Body, Executive Committee and the Union Government since the establishment of this Institution. I record my immense gratitude to all members of HIRD for their enthusiastic support to our activities.

Our Efforts

The emphasis of the Institute is on human resource development by promoting innovations in grassroots governance and empowerment of rural community. An overall development of rural sector would remain elusive without focussing on the various indicators of social development, i.e., Literacy & Primary Education, Health, Sanitation, Gender issues, etc. To cause an everlasting awakening, training of various sections of Rural society and its administrators remains one of the most important activities of the Institute. The Institute also undertakes Research and Case studies in the entire gamut of Rural Development. It also collaborates with other Institutions, Organizations in Haryana and India interested in similar objectives.

As part of its activities, the Institute has been organizing National Seminars and Conferences on crucial themes of national importance, which provide a forum for interaction between practicing administrators, academicians and leaders of Society. The Institute has been playing a leading role in coordinating activities through deliberations in several significant areas of Rural development, like, sustainable rural development, total sanitation, management development, watershed management, grassroots governance, etc.

Responding to suggestions from many quarters, the Institute proposes to adopt some villages for over-all development with the active involvement of district administration and support of the State government. These villages would act as demonstration models for the many more villages of the state.

Networking with other national Institutes is another area that we lay emphasis upon. We have made fruitful efforts in this regard by way of collaborative training, research, discussion, information-sharing, publications, etc.

As an ongoing effort to share our knowledge resources with all those concerned - administrators, elected representatives, pockets of rural population - separated by geographical and physical distances, we plan to utilize our presence on the web to impart online training and to initiate discussions on issues pertinent to Rural Development. I invite all to join hands with us in this effort of ours to build a stronger India!