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Chairman HIRD Executive Committee


The HIRD, as established with an aim, has fulfilled its responsibilities to the satisfaction of National objectives. It continues to uphold its mission clearly summed up as

  • Facilitating rural development efforts with special emphasis on the rural poor by improving knowledge skills and attitudes of development officials and elected representatives by organizing training sessions, seminars and workshops.
  • Examining and analyzing factors contributing to improvement and social well-being and quality of life of the rural poor through research and consultancy efforts.



The general objective of the Institute is to render help in the promotion of rural development programmes for enhancing the status and quality of life of the rural people. Its specific objectives are:

  • Organization of training programmes, conferences, seminars and workshops for senior level development managers, elected representatives, bankers, NGOs, and others.

  • Undertaking, promoting and coordinating research on its own and through other agencies.

  • Studying various aspects of the Rural Development Programmes and the Panchayati Raj Institutions.

  • Analysing and proposing solutions to problems in the planning and implementation of the programmes for

  • Rural Development.

  • Evaluating the working of the Panchayati Raj system and proposing the ways to strengthen it.


The Institute has consistently been making earnest endeavors in its pursuit of these objectives and has made full use of its human and infrastructural resources to meet this end.

Operational Agenda

Since the stated mission and objectives cannot be achieved on their own without a well planned operational agenda that embarks upon a renewed and evolving approach of the administrative and beneficiary elements at rural level, the Institute has carved an operational agenda which may be elucidated as

  • Creating a knowledge base, developing skills in consonance with the various dimensions of rural transformation.
  • Providing specialized training in rural development to concerned department functionaries, organizations, enterprises and institutions.
  • Undertaking action research to demonstrate and replicate better management techniques.
  • Providing consultancy services for formulating investment projects and for working out solutions to problems as encountered in the effective implementation of various projects.
  • Offering educational programmes to supplement existing facilities
  • Developing a cooperative approach to work in collaboration with other related organizations.

People Oriented Approach

HIRD is an outcome of active involvement of its modelers and the rural people. The Institute adopts a people oriented approach so as to involve rural masses to cause a percolation of the various programmes initiated by State and Central governments.

Considering the need for community participation in the development process, the HIRD has initiated a strategy to develop human resource base of villages. The lack of employment opportunities, declining female to male ratio, low levels of literacy, poor sanitation, health and hygiene, low awareness to mother and child welfare, etc., have already been resulting in very serious social and cultural problems in the State. These all pose matters of great concern and call for concerted efforts on part of all concerned for amelioration.

The HIRD strategy attempts to develop knowledge, skill and managerial capacity of the rural youth for gainful self-employment. This would lead to gender sensitization and empowerment of the rural masses, and hence help in achieving the desired goals.